Please read the frequently asked questions that we are asked by our clients and our response.

Q. Do I need a website?

A. Yes, today more and more clients search for a service or product on the internet before making a purchase from a  business.

Websites provide a business a way of advertising  its services and products which they can easily be updated in real time.



Q. What is the best media to advertise my business on?

A. It’s the internet, because 99% of people use it to look for products and services.



Q. What will the website cost?

A. The cost includes designing and building a website with additional costs for the website hosting and domain name. A simple website cost can be very nominal.



Q. How quickly can I have a website?

A. We can put up a simple website within 22 hours but a more advanced website will take up to 2 weeks.



Q. Can I build my own website?

A. Yes, but do you have the time to learn the skills required to program, design and optimise a website? Or do you want to run your business and make money.



Q. Can my family or friends with some computing knowledge build my website?

A. Most probably, but do they have the time or experience to do so? So leave it to the professionals.



Q.  Can I outsource my website to a company abroad?

A. No in our experience, because they are not familiar with the UK  market. They are unaware of the UK  culture and latest trends to best promote your website.